Ocean Reef-Tower Oases™ (ORTO)

ORTO is an industrial technology for offshore cultivation of mussels and aquacultures, without the use of any spatand animal feed, mimicking the natural coral reefs’ environmentally positive effects. ORTO is based on the patented Pisa Reef™ model, developed after over 20 years of experience and 15 innovative reef models.

The conventional mussel cultivation technologies are located in the riskiest part of the water layers – the surface, where the destructive energy of the waves is the most dangerous for them. This key disadvantage severely limits their application to closed, quiet bays near the shore. In Europe, the locations suitable for the conventional technologies are relatively few, leading to a 30 years of stagnation in local production. This ends up in huge deficit of mytilus mussels on the European market, covered by 33% foreign import.


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Sea Harmony’s mission is to reverse the environmental destruction in the seas by boosting shellfish production
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