Sea Harmony’s founder, Arman Sarkisyan, has come to the idea that if we want to feed the world’s growing population, only the sea alone can save us. He was born in Varna in 1971. Marine ecologist, innovator (inventor), surfer, vegetarian.

His professional career goes through the Port of Varna, Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water, continues as an entrepreneur, creating the first national trade center for health and diet products in Varna, until the day he decided to devote himself entirely to the sea and reefs.

He sells his 12-year-old trading company and puts all his personal and family assets into the marine hobby, which has become his mission and passion. More than 20 years (at the beginning facultatively) Arman has been experimenting, creating and testing alone, with friends, colleagues and associates 12 different models of reef structures, leading to the unique Pisa Reef facility and technology as part of the revolutionary Ocean Reef-Tower Oases (ORTO) concept.