SEA HARMONY Chivas Venture

SEA HARMONYOur Pisa Reefs revive life in the seas in favour of Nature, Business and Society

Our  living Tower-Reefs revive the life in Seas

…for better Nature, Business and Societies!

Our mussel reefs turn the Ocean’s biggest problem – eutrophication into a sustainable business using it as unlimited resource for food production. Yet, the most important thing is that they recover the health of damaged coastal areas, by restoring their food chain – mussels, shrimp, fish and mammals. These revolutionary mussel reef farms bring about prosperity to local fishermen communities, and they allow aquaculture business to expand for the first time throughout the shelf zone, in the open sea, overcoming the limitations of the bays.

Many coastal areas, nearby highly populated and industrialised regions are categorised as “Dead zones”- water spaces where oxygen is insufficient due to the chemical fertilizers and the organic wastes. This has a large-scale impact on so many animals and plants, and poses a threat to the livelihood of fishermen and coastal communities, and in general to global food security.

Sea Harmony have created a game-changing technology for vertical reef-based mussel farming for open sea, that is hardly affected by storm surges and does not intervene seafaring. Our mussel reefs are made of durable materials that won’t pollute or emit any microplastics.

What makes us special?

71ORTO Reefs
Healthy Life

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Ocean Reef-Tower Oases (ORTO)

Sea Harmony closed 2017 after successful award winning series: Chivas Regal’s “The Venture” in Sofia...


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